Let me tell you something about me 

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

∼ Norman Vincent Peale 

Let´s tastesomeculture.

I see food as a key to enter culture. I think especially fresh and authentic local street food is a mirror of society. It tells you a story so intense, no book could ever compete. All kind of people enjoy it everywhere and everyday, no matter what income class or social background. 

In this Blog, I would like to invite everyone to my journey around the world. I will share my experiences during my travels and the food I eat throughout these. 

I will write about uncommon encounters, intercultural difficulties, away-from-the-path experiences and local and authentic street food rather than already well known tourist attractions. 

So if you got interested, I´m happy to share my thoughts with you.

Why I do what I do?

For me there is nothing better than to travel to another country, get in contact with the local people and get a taste of their culture by eating authentic food. 

There are so many options of food and places to see, that it can get overwhelming arriving to a new country without knowing anyone to show you around.

I would like to map awesome street food as well as local insider-tips all around the world to make it easier for travelers to get an authentic experience of country and culture.

That´s where I need your help. I would love to create a community in which local people are able to map their favorite foods or food places as well as off-the-trail experiences and share them with the rest of us. 

It would be just awesome to have a world-map with hints from locals about food and beautiful places

– i see it as a win-win situation for all of us travelers.

A little bit about me.

Hi, I´m Niko.

I´m a 22 year old student from Constance, Germany currently living in Barcelona.

I grew up in Germany but as my parents took me traveling since the day I was born, I very soon developed a longing for seeing the world.

I think my mother, who is the most open minded and faithful person I know gave me that passion for traveling whereas my father, being an incredible good hobby cook nurtured my love for good, authentic and freshly cooked food.

When we first visited Thailand, I was only 9 years old and already fell in love with country, culture and food.

Since then, I travelled to a lot of places around the world and was able to experience various cultures, not only as a tourist but also trying to be part of these cultures.

And I found out that there is no better way to do so as through local street food.

After finishing High School in Germany I thought about making up my mind while traveling around the world for 9 months, as I was struggling with the decision for my studies. 

During this time, I had the opportunity to experience food and culture in various countries such as: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, United States, Peru and Costa Rica.

One thing really stood out after that trip: There is so much to see around the world, I somehow need no combine my job with the possibility to see the world, because just traveling once a year for a 2 week period of holidays wouldn’t suit me.

Based on that thought, still wanting to find a proper job later, I moved to Munich and started studying “International Business Communication”

Even if I´m really happy with the choice of my studies, giving me the possibility to work abroad one day, I can’t put down the sensation I get everytime the semester ends because that only means one thing for me:

Traveling !!!